About Us


JC Trading has a 25 year history in the Asian foods industry. When it comes to quality products, we mean serious business. We are an Asian Food importer/wholesaler that specializes in the distribution of superior food products to the expanding Asian community through local Wholesalers, Grocers, and Restaurants. Our products can be found in various states throughout the country. As a quality-oriented company, we focus on a few key items which we have become experts in over 25 years of experience. Some of our star items include premium rice, rice noodles,rice paper, coconut juice, frozen sticky corn, and dehydrated chili. In addition to our classic Asian food items, we continually seek new and interesting products to keep up with today's rapidly changing tastes and lifestyle.


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New Products

Frozen Sweet Tamarind Fried Pork Skin Tamarind Paste bamboo metal dustpan
Frozen Sweet Tamarind Lane Xang Fried Pork Skin

Sawatdee Tamarind Paste

That Luang Bamboo Shoot
Metal Dustpan